Pete CABRINHA is an American big-wave surfer and windsurfer and kitesurfer. He is the founder of Cabrinha Kites, a brand which is distributed by the Neil Pryde group. The company specializes in the manufacturer of bow kites and kiteboards. CABRINHA appears in the 1998 Zalman King film In God’s Hands. || http://www.cabrinhakites.fr/


SOÖRUZ is a French brand of products for slide sports. It was founded in 1999 by Yann Dalibot and Matthieu Barat. Its headquarters is located in La Rochelle. Since 2005, SOÖRUZ is the main partner of Lacanau Pro. In 2006, SOÖRUZ opens its first store in La Rochelle. || http://sooruz.com/



The Essence of COOLSHOE is based on their love of the ocean, the fashion and the extreme sports. With deep roots in Californian beach culture, they are all about inclusion and positiity. Their brand was started in San Clemente (Ca.) with the idea of facilitating the dreams of the youth. Surf, Music and Art are the common threads that bring us all together. They are passionate about freedom of expression, best quality and originality. They place a premium on smiles. Welcome to their world… a Cool world. || http://www.cool-shoe.com/


dakineDAKINE is an American outdoor apparel company specializing in sportswear and sports equipment for alternative sports. It is founded in Hawaii, the name comes from the Hawaiian Pidgin word “da kine” (derived from “the kind”). Now based in Oregon, United States (U.S.) the company alson sponsors team riders from the lifestyle and sporting fields of skiing, biking, windsurfing, kiting, snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding. || http://www.dakine.com/