Harold Quinquis

Harold was 7 years old when he started windsurfing and 11 when he participated in its first races. He quickly joined the sports section study of La Baule that allowed him, thanks to the competitions, to travel all around the globe and to compete at a national and international level. At the beginnings of kitesurfing in the late 90s, he joined this new sport and got fascinated immediately. He moved to the Caribbean to get the best training conditions. Then, he quickly became Caribbean champion and Martinique kite champions several times. Besides, He was also regularly ranked among the world’s best on the Kitesurf World Tour. Always seeking for the best spots on the planet and best-known or unknown waves, he is currently moving towards a freerider career, with its sponsors. During this time, Harold Quinquis directed several movies for television and specialized kitesurfing press. Since 2008, Harold continues to share his passion for extreme sports and competition: he creates Riders Match, the first world championship extreme sports videos and of course Le Défi de La Baule (La Baule’s Challenge), nautical race, now famous, open to all non-motorized gliding boats.